PM Narendra Modi with Bear Grylls At Jim Corbett Dhikala Zone in Man Vs Wild Show Live on 12 Aug 2019.

PM Narendra Modi to appear in Man vs Wild

PM modi will make his appearance in a popular show of Discovery channel Man vs Wild shot at Dhikala zone of Jim Corbett National Park.
This episode will be telecasted on 12th of August at 9 p.m. in more than 180 countries.
The information was given through a tweet by the host Bear Grylls.
In this show PM Modi will be seen exploring Corbett along with Bear Grylls.
They will throw light upon the issues related to Wild life protection.
PM Modi will show how in India awareness programs are being spread for the protection of it’s flora and fauna and how the administration is working towards the issues like climate change etc.

PM says, ” Since I’ve lived in the mountains and jungles, I couldn’t say no when asked to participate in this show. If you want to explore India then must watch this show”

“It was an honour for me to take PM Narendra Modi on an adventure to explore the Forests of India” says the show host, Bear Grylls.

Elephant Sickness At Jim Corbett National Park

Are really these elephants in the safer hands?
An year ago issue was raised against the domestication of elephants, elephant safari was banned at Jim corbett, but did anything changed for these miserable animals?
Ironically, the health rate of these elephants was better then as compared to the present.
Who is answerable now for their declining health?

“A female elephant Laxmi who has been kept in Aam Danda depo of Ramnagar is at the brink of death due to the carelessness and ignorance of the officers and administration.
In August 2018 after the declaration of its orders High court undertook the responsibility all 8 female elephants that were kept in different hotels of Dhikuli.
Since then their health has been declining. Laxmi is one among these 8 elephants.
Doctors from Pantnagar veterinary college have been called for her treatment.
It’s been more than a week since she moved, unable to eat anything is lying numb on the ground.
wounds all over her body have now started to rot.
According to the sources the mahout who was given the charge to look after Laxmi is missing from his duty.
The whole administration is quiet on this issue.”

Banning elephant safari was not a wrong decision but then leaving them to die is obviously unacceptable. We request administration to take appropriate measures and come into action.

Eye On Corbett National Park Safety

This monsoon season Corbett National Park will be protected from the assumed dubious intrusions. Nine elephants from Karnataka, six hundred field employees and two drone will be watching over the Corbett area to protect its flora and fauna.
The hypersensitive areas under UP
will have a special patrol and will be monitored by cameras installed on one dozen of the watch towers.
Monsoon patrolling will begin from 1st of July.

The mighty elephant in rage… Smashed a car!

On the National Highway- 121 a car on its way from Ramnagar to Sult was attacked by a Tusker.
He smashed the car in full rage though the people inside escaped by running away.
Forest personal chased him away towards the jungle by air firing.
Ranger Bhagwat Prasad Pant says that it took four rounds of air firing to make the elephant run into the jungle.
The incident took place near Bhootgarhi Canal on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Corbett will reopen on 14th November due to monsoon closure

Pawalgarh zone of Ramnagar forest division, Bijrani zone of Corbett including four other zones have been closed till 14th of November due to the onset of monsoon.
According to DFO BP Singh during the monsoon season routes of the Corbett break down and there remains the chances of floods around the brook areas. Due to which Corbett remains closed every year from July till November.