Elephant Sickness At Jim Corbett National Park

Are really these elephants in the safer hands?
An year ago issue was raised against the domestication of elephants, elephant safari was banned at Jim corbett, but did anything changed for these miserable animals?
Ironically, the health rate of these elephants was better then as compared to the present.
Who is answerable now for their declining health?

“A female elephant Laxmi who has been kept in Aam Danda depo of Ramnagar is at the brink of death due to the carelessness and ignorance of the officers and administration.
In August 2018 after the declaration of its orders High court undertook the responsibility all 8 female elephants that were kept in different hotels of Dhikuli.
Since then their health has been declining. Laxmi is one among these 8 elephants.
Doctors from Pantnagar veterinary college have been called for her treatment.
It’s been more than a week since she moved, unable to eat anything is lying numb on the ground.
wounds all over her body have now started to rot.
According to the sources the mahout who was given the charge to look after Laxmi is missing from his duty.
The whole administration is quiet on this issue.”

Banning elephant safari was not a wrong decision but then leaving them to die is obviously unacceptable. We request administration to take appropriate measures and come into action.

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