Jim Corbett Resorts

Jim Corbett Resorts Dive into the fun and entertainment of living at the Corbett extravagance resorts which invites you with its remarkable atmosphere and sensation. Give your soul a chance to feel quiet with the express normal excellence of the Jim Corbett National Park, and at the same time profit the influence of the flawlessly planned retreats that is princely, excessive and breathtaking. Get the chance of an amazing wilderness safari with a wonderful and agreeable remain at the spellbinding hotels or estate. What’s more, benefit as much as possible from your relaxation by investing quality energy here.

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Furthermore, peruse at the rundown of conspicuous hotels which guarantees extravagance, incredible friendliness and enthusiasm and are empowered with poolside to wilderness side look. Nation INN, Maulik Mansion, Samsara Resort, Infinity Resort, Aahana Resort, Tiger Camp Resort, Atulya Resort, Manu Maharani, The timberland Vines, The Tiger Groove, and so on are a portion of the breathtaking retreats which you can look at.

The Nest Cafe & Restaurant

Best Cafe in Dhikuli Jim Corbett

This is the first cafe in jim corbett is exceptionally charming and exotic with its superb furnished designed interior.You definitely fall in love with this cafe once you visit.Awesome food quality.This is best hangout place in jim corbett where tourist can spend quality time with family and friends. Appropriate to have the spectacular glance of the breathtaking interior.

Maulik Mansion Resort

Best Luxury Resort In Jim Corbett

Maulik Mansion resort one of the best luxury resort located at the prominent location of the Jim Corbett in
Dhikuli is exquisitely designed with the magnificent infrastructure. With the fascinated look and
feel you just feel mesmerized by the view of it. A recently developed resort in January 2018,
offers you with latest and modern amenities and diverse range of rooms. For your convenience
and comfort, hence have a great time enjoying your vacations with your family and friends. And
take the pleasure of food, infrastructure and the ambience.Maulik mansion having 2 swimming pools & 32 lavish luxury rooms.

Corbett View Resort

Corbett View Resort is best budget resort

phenomenally explicit stay at Corbett view resort, which envisages the ultimate glimpse of the natural serene beauty with the adventurous glance of the jungle. Lashed with the exciting indoor-outdoor activities, modern facilities the rooms here reflect the supremacy, magnificence, and sophistication. Located away from the city this resort is the delight and a perfect one to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Experience the utmost pride and bliss of the resort which offers the thrill blended with wildlife and leisure. However, consult at the safari desk for your Jim Corbett jungle ride and have the accessibility at the two marvelous rooms which are Luxury A/C cottage and deluxe rooms.

The Rolls Joint Cafe in Jim Corbett

Looking for a place within your city to go and relax for a while or have good family time while sipping some mojitos or coffee or giving your taste buds a mouthwatering sense with some cheesy spicy bites? Then The Rolls joint Cafe & Restro in Ramnagar Jim Corbett is a perfect place for you.
Decorated in a minimalistic and cheerful fashion, the authentic interior inspires relaxation.
Also, if you’re a fan of Kathi roll/ Frankie then don’t wait and visit this brand new outlet, because “People who love to eat are always the best people”, so eat, drink and be merry.Here you can find variety of mocktails, rolls, roasted food stuff.

Pawalgarh Safari Zone

Pavalgarh Safari zone of Ramnagar got inaugurated on Monday 22nd of April by PCCF Jairaj. He mentioned that the increase in tourism will lead to an increase in employment. Also, that people are always curious to explore Ramnagar jungle division.

The Corbett Director Rahul, DFO BP Singh were also present in the event. On the first day of opening, the Jeep Safari zone witnessed more than half a dozen wheels

On this special occasion, Mr Jairaj also threw light on some issues that need attention such as – In Haridwar, two elephants died on a railway track accidentally coming on the way of the train. To this, he said that he will soon be meeting the railway officers to find an alternative to avoid such accidents in future. In Pilibheet a plastic bag was found in the intestine of a tiger, which is a serious matter and needed action soon.

He said, that people need to be aware and should not use plastic especially inside the jungle area.



In search of prey, the tiger reached Dhela village and killed a cow in the cowshed. On Monday before dawn, it entered and kept wandering around the village, roars were heard by the villagers and on being informed forest personnel arrived they did air firing and villagers howled to chase away the tiger.

The event took place on Sunday where the tiger was spotted outside the house of a resident of the village Mr Surendra Singh. After a while, it was seen by other villagers as well, afraid residents locked themselves inside home. It stayed around for almost three hours.
At 6 am he entered the cowshed, Dhela ranger Sandeep Giri arrived with his team at the event and informed about the killing of a cow. After all the hustle tiger disappeared in the jungle. The footprints were found near the residential area.

Thirsty Elephants losing Temper At Jim Corbett

As the sun is getting hotter wildlife of Jim Corbett is getting affected.
Elephants are seen escaping the jungle in search of water. The rise in temperature is causing elephants to a lose temper which becomes dangerous for the tourists as they have started attacking them. Fifteen such attacks have been recorded at ten places within two months, most of these places are elephant corridors where they gather to drink water.
According to the sources due to increasing temperature, these thirsty elephants become fiery and attack anyone who comes near to them. Even the wildlife experts are worried about the situation and say that due to the human interference in corridors elephants fail to decide their movement in addition to that the poor arrangements in the jungle have made them irascible. Elephants of Corbett and Ramnagar jungle division often come to Kosi river to assuage their thirst. In such situations the human interference in the area of elephants makes them lose their temper and they attack them as a result.